Article #1
An Introduction To True Direct Democracy


In conversations, facebook posts and comment sections I often talk about what is the one true path to freedom, justice and democracy, namely, True Direct Democracy, the system in which all voters participate in all major decisions via electronic voting.

This often leads to my being asked what direct democracy is and I usually oblige by writing a few paragraphs explaining it and the changes we will all benefit from having it.

There isn’t a great deal of information out there about direct democracy so I decided to put together this e-booklet as a free resource to help people understand and to pass on to others so we can spread the word that there is a system which would enable we the people to enjoy true freedom and democracy, a life changing system which will free us from the criminal power elites who have taken from us for so long.


The Present Systems of Governance Has Failed Us!


We are living in very interesting times and things are going to get far more ‘interesting’ as we move through the coming years.
If you are reading this then we shall assume you have had enough of what is going on around us and our beautiful planet and likely feel powerless as how to change things for the better.

The list of what is wrong in our world is a testament to the fact our present systems have failed us. From wars of greed and power to poverty and austerity, from the destruction of our planet to the treasonous gifting away of our manufacturing base to increase corporate profits, the future which lay ahead for our children is bleak at best.

I can unequivocally state that it is all unnecessary, that our so-called leadership in all nations has failed us miserably and that we CAN change it, we CAN heal the planet, we CAN put the brakes on and not only halt the direction we are forcibly taken, but reverse it to the point we the people have the final say on everything which affects our lives and the land, water and air on which we depend.

In recent years I wanted to find out for myself what is really going on because so many things felt wrong to me. I also hoped to find solid solutions.
I wanted to see if I could pinpoint the causes of why our lives seem to get harder each year when they should in most cases, be getting easier.

I did find the root causes and figured out solutions which I shared in an e-book, a novel and articles, all of which are available through my website

There are many other disgruntled people writing about or making videos about the same thing and doing their best to find solutions and the one common theme is, ‘what is the ‘key’ to waking people up to what is going on and how can we change it?’

Protests and activism, although making people aware, only seem to get us so far and most people are too busily immersed in trying to earn a wage and raise a family to get involved and in many instances, even understand the issues.
Couple this with a mainstream media which is a major player in maintaining the status quo and the truth of what is really going on around us, how our countries are being run, why there are constant wars, why life seems to get harder, why our nations become more indebted each year, is kept firmly under wraps by a willing establishment happy with our complacency and overjoyed that nothing changes for them.


Revolution or Evolution?


This situation results in many believing the only thing that will motivate people to stand up and say “enough!” is when things become so bad that literally a revolution will take place.

My thoughts on that are, what happens after a revolution? Who will be the new leader, what kind of system will it be? What will we do to stop the same scenario happening all over again in the near future? How do we safeguard the people and nation from the power elites who have caused so much grief in our lives and around the globe?

In fact, a revolution would most likely, and highly ironically, further empower and solidify the establishment of power elites.
The reason being that following the chaos a new leader may emerge who promises unity, peace, justice and democracy, but what actually happens is an increased police and surveillance state in the name of ‘security’.

A revolution in and of itself is no guarantee of a better life or the elimination of those who economically and financially enslave us. What is needed is a new way of thinking, a new system of governance and finance which is truly equitable, democratic and just.
A system in which we all participate and decide how our lives and nations will shape up to be.
A system which forever inhibits any small group of wealthy people from controlling our lives and leeching our prosperity.

Even the US constitution and bill of rights, both carefully crafted documents designed to protect the people and nation from those with nefarious ambitions, have failed to do so. The many executive orders including the Patriot Act (oh the irony) and the NDAA have left both documents in literal shreds.
The Senators and members of Congress no longer represent those who elected and fund them and instead sell out to the highest bidder, to faceless corporations that care not for the nation or people but profit at any cost.

The Founding Fathers must be turning in their graves at what is happening today but they did their best with the knowledge they had at that time. It should be clear now that a major revamping of the system of governance is desperately needed before the US is a complete shambles.

This is not just a US problem. Because of the power of globalists who infiltrate every fibre of power it is a global problem and it is a global problem because the systems of governance in every nation has failed to move with the times and protect the people.

Such is the power of the globalists, the central bankers, industrialists and transnational corporations, that Presidents and Prime Ministers simply cannot stand up to them.
The TPP and TTIP among other ‘deals’ should make that perfectly clear and any so-called national leader who binds their people to them is simply a traitor, no other words for them as these ‘deals with the devil’ are acts of treason which destroy our sovereignty and steal our prosperity.


A New Way of Thinking


Therefore, it should be clear to see that it is time for a new way, a new way of thinking, an evolution in thought and belief, for it should now be apparent that we cannot trust our lives, our welfare, our nations to those we have enabled with so much power.

I have talked about this many times with people but many cannot let go of the present systems. They appear to have blind faith that it will all be fine, that a little tinkering, a few minor adjustments here and there and the system will once again work for the people, but it won’t, it’s done and dusted, it’s over folks!

There is nothing to prevent the corruption and undermining of democracy to happen again and again, and it will if we don’t make the necessary moves to stop it once and for all.
The systems we have grown up with and believed in are finished, they are corrupted beyond repair and the ways of life we all associate with in the present paradigm are history.
Things will never be the same unless we step up and change our ways of thinking and that’s the good news, it all begins merely with how we think!

I will say this though, that even faced with opposition to a new system, once I have explained the situation and where we are heading, people are surprisingly accepting of what I am proposing as an alternative.

Again this is a global issue. The people of all nations must address the fact their countries have been hijacked by corporations, bankers and power elites. This is no longer a far out conspiracy theory but plain fact and things will spiral rapidly downward as our representatives sell us out and give away the ‘family treasure’.

Is it possible to begin implementing changes now, is there something we can do, something we can believe in, something that can change the direction we are heading, something which actually works for we the people, you know, the people who actually create the true wealth of a nation. The people who earn real money and pay the tab for it all?

Is there something we can all agree on that doesn’t involve protesting and marching, something that doesn’t get people hurt. Something which we can all agree is fair, equitable and this time truly democratic? The answer is a resounding yes!


The Illusion of Democracy


The democracy we believe we have is more illusion than reality. Most nations have two or three parties from which to choose in an election and those parties split people into different camps based on certain ideologies which create a divide among the people.

I may like to keep more of what I pay in taxes but also want the less fortunate cared for. One makes me right wing or Capitalist and the other left wing or Socialist and I really don’t like having to throw my lot in with one party which does not really speak for me.

Is this divide actually necessary? Did we as a race evolve to be in one of two camps, how about three camps or four?
Actually if we allowed ourselves to live to our fullest potentials there would be a ‘camp’ for every single person, we are all unique are we not?

Did we evolve to be left wing or right wing or this ‘ism’ or that ‘ism’? No, we are all just people trying to live the best life possible, enjoy the maximum fruits of our labours, solving ‘issues’ as they arise, for that is all they are, issues to be solved by us and not something that needs politicising and being forced into one of two camps of thought, or ideologies.

And why should we be shoe horned into only being able to vote for one of two or three ideological camps or parties?
I may end up voting for the party I dislike the least among the selection, but I know they really don’t represent my ideologies or how I think things should happen in the big picture. A single political party is far too vague to represent me.

But we can’t have a political party for every single person can we! No and no need to either, with the right system in place we can ALL be heard, we can ALL participate, we can ALL have our say on how we want our lives to be. We can ALL be, if you may, our own party, so to speak. We can all express our unique ideologies.

Many people will say that we have the best system already, that it cannot be any fairer than what we have now, that we have true freedom because we have the right to vote.

Ok, let’s take a quick look at that, the right to vote. What does it actually mean for us, how much freedom does that give us, how much democracy on a scale of 1 to 10 do we really enjoy?

Let’s say there is a federal election in Canada (where I live). Usually it’s between two or three parties and as an open minded person who looks at the policies of all three parties, I may like some of the policies of each party but don’t particularly like everything about any one party.

I then hold my nose and vote for the party I dislike the least. That party wins the election and guess what? They don’t implement the things I voted for and do implement things I would never have voted for. Sound familiar? Politicians breaking promises they kept just to get elected!

So, back to our wonderful freedom and democracy. Now what would you give on the scale of one to ten for our supposed democracy, one, two out of ten? It isn’t much more than that. Can we improve on that figure?


The Incomplete Evolution of Democracy


“But it’s just the way it is, we’ve had this system for ever and you ain’t going to change it now!” Well not exactly, the system we have now is a result of political evolution. The scant democracy we have now was hard fought for.
In Canada only men could vote until women won the battle for the right to vote beginning in some Provinces in 1916, In Quebec it was as late as 1940. Canada’s First Nations people couldn’t vote until 1960!
The same goes for the US and UK, a gradual evolution of the rights to vote.

As we can see, it was an evolution to get to where we are today but that evolution has not as yet reached its perfected conclusion. With the instant information we now have available at our fingertips we can research and learn the truth of what is going on in our world.

We can cut through the hype of the mainstream media, the majority of which is owned by a handful of corporations, corporations which now also help control our establishment.

We can learn very quickly how corrupt our systems are and it is this corruption and the flawed financial and governance systems which are robbing us blind and stealing our prosperity.

Is this the best we can do, is this what we deserve for working all our lives and paying taxes, providing the real wealth of our nations? Or is there a little more room to complete that evolution? Is it possible to perfect our systems of democracy and if so, what would that look like and how could it work?


Leaders or Losers?


We have since time immemorial been raised to believe that giving our power away to others is the natural order of things.

The divine right of Kings has remained in our collective consciousness for millennia and we don’t give a second thought to the learned idea we must have leaders. In this area we run on auto pilot and refuse to question it, but why?

In times of old this made complete sense and survival depended upon it, but times have changed and our systems of governance along with it.
The pace of modern technology has been breathless but we ourselves have fallen behind, we have continued to give our power away to a few and we now find that in modern times this is proving detrimental to our best interests and very fruitful for those with money and power, the balance of which today is completely out of whack!

People are becoming increasingly frustrated with how our leaders are performing and many of the decisions made at Provincial and Federal levels would never see the light of day if the people had a real voice.
But they carry on working hard to raise their families and paying their taxes with no alternative to believing that giving their power away to a minute percentage of the population is the right way, the only way to exist.


True Direct Democracy


The good news is that today’s technology has made it not only possible, but relatively simple to greatly improve our system of governance and enable every eligible voter to participate and have a say on every issue which affects our lives.

I am talking about true direct democracy, the system in which all major issues, issues which impact our lives and nations are voted on by every voter.

With the technology we have today, the voting would be carried out electronically via your smart phone or computer. This could be referred to as digital direct democracy or eDemocracy, either way it is the fairest system available.

As with anything new that may change our lives, even for the better, we tend to immediately put up barriers, to point out why we think it can’t work, it is imagined as an assault on the present paradigm, the paradigm we have lived with all our lives, it is all we have ever known and must be protected, no matter how irrelevant it now is.

But how much evidence do we need to prove to ourselves we simply cannot continue with the present systems and that we must change it for our very survival?
For the truth is, we are losing everything, our quality of life and standards of living

are in a downward spiral, we are going backwards, and the biggest issues are all rooted in the fact our representatives have and continue to sell us out. These political systems in which we give our power away have been compromised, thoroughly and completely.


How Does Direct Democracy Work?


Let’s say we introduce direct democracy today and nothing else changes with your political system.
At present, the politicians would debate the usual issues and vote, but now things have changed. Direct democracy means their vote is no more powerful than any other voter’s vote and the issues are put into an app or website and we all vote on them.

The ‘representatives’ may give their opinions and if they are for or against the idea, including the reasons why, but it is we who actually vote on the issue.

Try and cast your mind to how this begins to change things. The politicians will no longer have real power. Lobbying and bribing will cease to exist because it would be futile, for it is we the people who would vote the decisions.

We will then see clearly that all we have are issues and ideas to collectively agree or disagree upon through our votes and it will become apparent what politics really are, a complete waste of time, energy and money which only serve to keep us arguing among ourselves and ridiculously taking sides over what are just solvable issues.
In other words, we do NOT need politics or politicians any longer, technology has rendered them obsolete (thank heavens!).

Yes, this will take time for us to adapt to, but look at the alternatives, are you comfortable with how the future looks for your children?

Are you comfortable with the TPP and TTIP among other treasonous deals handing our resources over to corporations who now have more power than any government including that of the USA?

Are you comfortable with sending your sons and daughters off to unnecessary invasions (wars) which are nothing but policing for corporations who have been ordering our governments what to do for decades?

Do you feel our best interests were at heart when they allowed our manufacturing bases to be obliterated and sent overseas, your sons and daughters careers along with them?

Before you turn your back on the idea of direct democracy please take a long hard realistic look at where we are heading as a people, as a planet and who is really behind all of this. (Hint, you will not learn any of this from the mainstream media for they are owned and controlled by the same corporate machine).


Time To Re-evaluate Everything!


Folks, it really is time to take a serious long term look at our situations and grasp the fact that we ourselves must change our ways of thinking, adapt our basic beliefs of what life is and how we want it to unfold.

It is often said “we are the ones we have been waiting for.” We ourselves are the answer to our issues today and to do so, all we need is to change the system so that we have control instead of a handful of corruptible people who are experts at selling us out.

As I said earlier, we are often resistant or at least hesitant to accept real change but this change is not a million miles from where we are today.
It means we take back our power and engage, true freedom does require self-responsibility and all that would mean is we have to vote on a regular basis, big deal, is that it, is that all it would take to change the things which we know are wrong? Yes, that is IT!

Incidentally, direct democracy is not a new idea. The Swiss have enjoyed it for 700 years and although their model could use some improvements, the Swiss are the most free and democratic nation in the western world.

For example, recently the Swiss forced a referendum on who has the right to issue the nation’s money! For those who understand that it is the present system of usury (interest) and fractional reserve lending which are the root cause of the world’s issues, this is tremendous news!

There isn’t a politician alive that would attempt this, attempt to go up against the central bankers, because doing so would be suicide.
This is a perfect example of the power of direct democracy, which is the power of the people. No banking institution or corporation can bribe, coerce or threaten an entire nation of voters.

If a nation can rid themselves of central bankers then they can do anything they want, they can change everything the majority agrees to and when you understand how we can have true democracy, justice, freedom and abundance with just a few fundamental changes, you will never look back.

This is also a generational change. It will be strange at first, mistakes of course will be made as they are today but over time, as our children become voters, all they will know is that regular voting is a natural part of life and they will look back to what we have today in disbelief that we ever put up with such a diabolically corrupt system.


Changes Possible with Direct Democracy


Imagine having a dedicated and unbiased TV channel and website which talks about what is really going on in the Middle East and around the World and being able to make educated (instead of propagandized) decisions on whether we should invade another nation.

Imagine having the power to decide that you no longer want the land ruined by pesticides and that one company should not own the patents to our food.

Imagine not having to protest and march over the fundamental right of having our foods labelled.

Imagine ending the power of corporations over our government and governmental agencies so that the products we consume are properly tested.

Imagine being able to tear up the treasonous trade deals which are destroying our quality of life. We are the ones who developed our consumer bases which also provided the jobs required to supply the needs.

Then our so-called representatives, without our tacit approval, gave it away. Must be nice for the likes of China, having ready-made economies to flood your cheap goods to! Thanks Senators and MP’s, nice job there looking after your corporate cronies!
Imagine all of this and the fact that the bribery and corruption which has rotted our systems to the core, is over!

And what is the price to us? Voting on a regular basis, that’s it. Most people today live with their phones so it really isn’t a big deal to take a few minutes and vote.


How Can We Make This Happen?


How can we implement this idea, the present politicians will not want to lose their power and payola, if they really cared about the people they would have implemented this system a long time ago?

Correct, this is something WE must do. Forget what the representatives think, this is not about them and they do not serve us although they should be looking out for our best interests.
In truth they would never be allowed to implement direct democracy because they are told what to do by their corporate and power elite masters.

This is where we can help ourselves. We do not need to march and protest or be an activist. It merely requires that we educate ourselves about direct democracy (this document should suffice ; ) and start talking about it with friends, family and colleagues, you may be pleasantly surprised how people take to it.

Once you outline the problems we have today, the illusion of the vote as democracy, the bleak future, the corruption etc., it becomes quite easy to talk about direct democracy.

An idea whose time has come cannot be kept down and when enough people understand direct democracy and the changes it will bring, the collective consciousness will take over and critical mass will force our representatives to begin adopting it.

In fact, I believe that new representatives will run on that basis, to help implement direct democracy.
From this you will yourself notice the new representatives become less political and more about what is best for their constituents.

Remember, corruption will disappear so this will encourage only those with our best interests at heart to run for office, an office that is no longer political but dedicated to providing the best information for the people vote on.

These representatives would be more like guardians of democracy or administrators than powerful politicians and they truly would be working for the people who elected them.

Their appeal would not be which party they were chosen to stand for but the skillset they have in providing solid, unbiased information to aid in our voting choices.


The Various Levels of Government


Direct democracy will, someday soon, be in full effect. This means it will be in effect at all levels of government from small towns to larger towns and cities, to the national level.

As direct democracy is about everyone joining in and engaging in local, regional and national decisions, I do not pretend to have all the answers and neither should I have. This is not about singular leader’s, it is about everyone being a leader and whose ideas are as valid as the next person’s.
It is not political or ideological, it thrives on everyone being counted with no one person having more power than the next (just look around the World to see where that has gotten us!)


Local and Regional Government


However, I have given some thought to how we may kick-start such a process so let’s begin at the local level.
A town usually has a council which are elected and their job is to guard the taxpayer dollar, discuss improvements and make sure the town runs efficiently.

Direct democracy can be implemented whereby anything over a certain dollar value or a quality of life issue (such as a proposed multi-storey building blocking resident’s views) would be researched and debated by council and put to vote by the local residents.

This would give the residents the final say over all decisions which will or may affect them. However, the smaller issues could be dealt with as usual by the council. The same could apply to larger towns and cities.

My own local council in Ontario, Canada meets each month and I would propose that local voting is open for the entire week afterwards so everyone has time to vote.

I am not saying there will not be challenges but a change in our systems, even a positive one will be both challenging and rewarding. Human ingenuity is incredible and we can over time, overcome any and all challenges.


National or Federal Government


At the federal level all decisions are major decisions and should be voted on by the people. Because of the removal of power from those elected, this system could possibly evolve over time to one which no longer requires an elected government but a panel of citizens overseeing each administrative department of government such as energy, education and transportation.

In such a case general elections would no longer be necessary, rather a random selection of citizens who wish to serve a one or two-year term as a guardian of democracy and sit on a panel overseeing and keeping in check one of the many administrative or government departments.

Imagine not having to suffer the asinine squabbles and arguments we see each day in our respective parliaments and Senates? Remember, issues are just issues we vote on, there’s no need to politicize any of it.


How Much Voting Will I Have to do?

Good question, but really, with the power it gives us and the control we will have over our lives, does it matter?

At the local level it may be once per month. At the regional, county, state or provincial level voting could be organized for quarterly votes and nationally, again, quarterly, with at least one week allocated for each.


Questions & Answers

The following are questions I have had put to me about direct democracy and my answers for them;

Q. Electronic voting has in the past been compromised. How can you guarantee security and an accurate vote count?

A. There are several ways to achieve security and accuracy with electronic voting. People have been using online banking for years now, they trust it and have no issues with it. Whatever the challenges, we are resourceful enough to overcome.

Q. Most people are too dumb to be allowed to vote?

A. That is in keeping with the present mindset, the present paradigm. Things will never improve all the while we maintain that same mindset.

We need to project into the future and see how we can gradually change and evolve with such a new way of thinking.
At first there will be many who do not fully understand certain issues and may vote the wrong way but over time, as people become engaged and discuss the upcoming votes they will naturally become more aware of what is going on and how their vote affects them.

What is challenging to envision is how things will naturally change and us along with it. This will be a generational change (which is nothing on the grand scale of things) and our children will only ever know direct democracy.

Q. How would we be informed about the issues, some issues are complicated and usually only understood by highly intelligent people who figure things out for us?

A. We would still utilize those who have the ability and experience to help explain the potential consequences of a YES or NO vote.
All issues would be debated and discussed on a dedicated public TV station and made available on a dedicated website.
If you haven’t had the chance to watch or read about the information, there will be a link beside each vote issue on the app which will take the voter to the information or a roundup of the most important points.

Q. If there aren’t any politicians in the future, who will come up with new ideas to improve things?

A. Every voter can propose an idea. We do not need politicians to show us the way, they are the problem and do not represent the people.
In a truly free nation everyone is a potential leader and their ideas have as much right to be proposed, qualified and voted on by the nation.

Q. If every voter can propose an idea, how do we stop the time wasting of frivolous proposals. What if I proposed free beer for all men between the ages of 21 and 35, what happens then?

A. All proposals have to be qualified by the people, this will remove frivolous proposals from the vote. How this works is at vote time there are 2 lists, potential proposals and qualified or real proposals.
The first list is stage one, this is where the people decide if the proposal should be included in the next round of research and debates for the real vote.
If a majority agree that the idea or proposal has merit then it goes to the panel for further research and debate and prepared for the real vote.
The panel would consist of experts and regular people who sign up to participate in the process for a set period of time.


Q. What happens if we vote yes for an idea which turns out to be a bad thing?

A. Anyone can propose to amend or remove it. This is an exciting aspect of direct democracy, by trial and error we eventually find stability and equilibrium, the lowest common denominator by which the nation is in harmony.
This is also far sooner than waiting for change for years as we do at present, and then nothing really changes!

Q. It sounds as if direct democracy would give us the opportunities to change whatever we want?

A. Yes it does, it is whatever the majority wants. This is a vast improvement on what we have at present because even with a majority government, many of those who voted for that party did so because they were the ‘lesser evil’ and not a 100% representation of their wishes.
With direct democracy we vote freely on every issue and we propose the new ideas on which to vote.

Q. I mentioned direct democracy to a friend who condemned it as ‘mob rule’, is it mob rule?

A. No it is not ‘mob rule’. This notion is completely disingenuous and a feeble attack on the fairest system possible to all voters.
There is a ridiculous ‘example’ making the rounds which claims democracy means if a group wants something you own, then they can take it! Nonsense, we have laws in place to protect us from such things and those laws will remain as long as the majority wish them to (and it is a certainty we will).

For those who reject democracy I say this, how does your own government pass decisions? Is it not by a show of hands and the majority carries, hence democracy?

Some of my American friends have rejected democracy because their nation is a constitutional republic with enshrined individual rights. Really? Canada is a constitutional monarchy and Canadian’s have the charter of freedoms and rights to protect individual rights, more or less the same thing except Canadians (as with all western nations except Switzerland) think they have democracy.

And the US system has proven a dismal failure as it failed to protect its people, the US constitution now in shreds and barely worth the paper it is written on because of the silent dismantling via presidential executive orders and illegal powers bequeathed to the likes of the TSA and DHS, to name a couple.

Afraid of mob rule? A little late for that, this writer would suggest mob rule has been firmly in place for decades but has another name, ‘corrupt government’!


Q. I like the sound of true direct democracy but how do you propose it can happen, the politicians aren’t willingly going to give up their power?

A. Sad but correct that you, like most, already know they won’t want to give up their power, that even if they agreed it would be a better system, they would fight against its implementation. They will use the argument that they know best but where has this got us? If you want further detailed information about how truly awful the present systems are for us the people, please check my website

The best way to begin the process of changing to a direct democratic system is to first understand its immense power for the people, and second to talk to friends and family about it.

I usually begin by explaining how we don’t really have democracy, that we don’t really have a choice, that we cannot leave our futures in the hands of corrupt politicians who are selling out everything we have.

Most people agree with that and many are angry at how governments do so many things against the will of the people.
Then I talk about we the people having the say via digital voting and talk about the potential

changes we could make. That we would be truly free and not under the thumb of the corrupt old boy network establishment which has one law for them and one for us.

As we spread the word we can also encourage people to write or talk to their present representatives about direct democracy and that they want its implementation.
As more and more people do this the pressure begins to build.
When the critical mass of those who want direct democracy is reached, the new candidates will begin to campaign on that platform and we have won, it will gradually take root as the new system, just, fair and democratic.

Q. Would a direct democratic system be a socialist system?

A. No, a direct democratic system would be apolitical and free of all ‘ism’s’, all the known systems are top down controlled systems.
They all have a leadership which forces its will on the people whereas direct democracy looks to no one as a ‘leader’, rather, we are all leaders as we all have an equal say in our lives and how our nation moves forward.


Q. Are we capable of voting on important issues, isn’t that giving some people too much power to make poor decisions?

A. Such a change as this would also change our ways of thinking and in time it would be second nature and an accepted part of our lives to vote regularly on major issues.
Of course, there will always be those whose ideas do not coincide with ours but that is the nature of a free society, embrace it!

What will happen is that people will learn that some things they voted for were not what they wanted after all, they can then, if they wish, propose a vote to modify or withdraw the idea.
Over time equilibrium will prevail as the vast majority of people are happy with how things are going, or at least happy with the process of getting there.

Another thing that will help with decision making is that we can all discuss the issues with each other without worrying about what people think about you.
As it stands now, you tell someone you are voting for party x or y and they sneer at you because they think their party is the right one.
When politics are out of the way and we are discussing ‘issues’ for voting on, we can all chat about them and share ideas for and against which further helps bring us into equilibrium.


Q. What kind of things could we change, I have many ideas I think would be beneficial to the country?

A. Potentially we can change everything we agree to change. Any idea can be proposed and voted for acceptance, which if accepted, will appear on the next vote list.


I hope this booklet has helped answer your questions and more importantly, that you grasp the fact we must change the systems as we simply cannot continue along this disastrous path we are now on.

You may read articles or watch videos of how the world is controlled by bankers, corporations and the power elite and wonder how we will ever be free of their grasp.
You may be sickened by the spectacle of the US presidential campaigns and can now see how there is no democracy, that it is a farce and the presidents and senators are bought and paid for by the same people.

You may realise now that although you elect and pay for your representatives, they do not represent you.
Fortunately we do not have to worry about any of that. Once we start bringing true direct democracy into play those players will gradually vanish from our lives and will have zero say or control over us and our national interests, for we will finally be truly free.



 Article #2

Changing Beliefs, The Gateway To Freedom

For those who have taken a long hard look at what the future has in store for us, those who have researched what is really going on in the world, it should be becoming increasingly clear that we are travelling down a metaphorical ‘funnel’.
A ‘funnel’ of loss of rights, freedoms and democracy. An encroaching bankster/corporate/elite controlled planet.
While bankster power has been controlling our finances for a long time, corporate power has now fully rendered our supposed democracies to shams. Previous to this, we enjoyed a very basic democratic system which was, in actuality, far less democratic than most realised. We vote for a political party based on what is promised and they renege on those promises, then introduce rules and laws we never voted for. The only democratic part is that we currently have the freedom to vote, just an illusion of democracy.

Today our representatives barely even try to conceal that they are bought and paid for, and the scant democracy we had is relegated even further as our laws and ways of life are increasingly influenced by the bribers instead of we the people, the people who actually elect and pay the representatives. The people who actually create the true wealth of the nation.

For anyone who doesn’t realise where we are now with regards to corporate power, check out the likes of the TPP and TTIP and the monstrous grab for power and the trashing of our laws and environmental protections to maximise profit.
Nightmarish laws that allow big pharma and the likes of Monsanto to never be responsible for their actions, are further examples of a world gone crazy. Pinch me, am I dreaming, can this really be true, is it just me that thinks this way? Is it just me that thinks openly allowing our representatives to sell us out, to give away the family treasure for a nominal fee is not just 100% immoral and shameful but downright illegal?

Let’s face it, the tables have been turned fully and the corporate world is firmly in place. The lives we imagined, the futures we think we had are gone, it’s over folks, it’s over. How could you think otherwise? What could ever make you think this situation is salvageable? Which part of a rotten to the core, corrupt, self-serving ‘leadership’ do you expect to step up and reverse this trend in allowing the corporate and banking world to run amok, usurp our laws, destroy our planet, brainwash us to buy unnecessary products and then blame the resulting destruction on us?
And this they are doing. It is this very scenario of blaming us for being brainwashed by their own incessant marketing and advertising to consume, that they use to force UN Agenda 21 on us.

And please don’t think a new aspiring leader will make any difference, a Bernie Sanders or a Jeremy Corbyn in the UK for example will never be able to effect the real changes that are needed. Changes that must bring back manufacturing, must regulate the banking and financial system, must protect the people from corporate power.
Well-meaning these people may be, but the establishment in its present form will never allow such people to spoil the party. The machinations of the state and the establishment rely little on who holds office.

The present systems will not save us, these are the systems which allowed the rot to set in in the first place, these are the systems which have proven beyond any doubt that they are flawed. They must be, or this nightmare would never be unravelling before our very eyes. Belief though is a strange thing.

With all this in mind most people still cling to the establishment for solutions, the very establishment that thrives on what is happening, that exists on the back of the people. The establishment that does not work for us any longer.
As a co-dependent society, we learn from early age to ask permission from our parents, then our teachers, then our employers, all the while cocooned in the womb of the state which gives us a sense of security at the cost of giving our power away.
The establishment is so deeply ingrained in our psyches that we defend it vigorously and denounce any thought of real change as a threat. So ingrained is it that we actually self-police our own minds and put up a virtual wall to block the possibility of another way of life, or other forms of governance and finance that may solve our issues. Our conditioned minds will simply hunger for a new charismatic leader or different political party to hoodwink us again with the same old tired mantra’s of empty promises such as ‘hope’ and ‘change’. Election day could be renamed ‘Groundhog Day’ as nothing really changes in the grand scheme of things and the same controlling cabal hold the reigns of the puppets we elect and pay for.
Therefore we are our own worst enemy, we are the ones who are allowing it all to happen to us through our inability to fully rationalise the overall situation. We are brainwashed and we don’t yet know it, our beliefs are not working for us.

Just for this article, let us, with regard to examining a completely different system, put aside any thoughts of “It can’t happen, it’s impossible.”
Within that frame of mind ask yourself if you would prefer a system which you and every voter had a say in, a system in which banksters no longer had the ability to leech your nation and her people’s prosperity. A system of true, direct democracy in which the people decide which direction their own nation and way of life will take?
Let that sink in for a few moments. How our lives would change once free of banksters leeching the very wealth we create with our labours and endeavours. How, by issuing our own currency debt free (or almost debt free as Canada did until 1974) we would not be sending unnecessary billions to service false ‘debts’ to central banks.
How that money could be used for healthcare and free post-secondary education among other things. Imagine a system of governance which was led by the people and for the people and was never again a tool of lobbyists, powerful corporations, bankers and the 0.01%. Think how such a life would be far less stressful and more enjoyable for everyone. Think of a world devoid of wars under the false pretence of security?

Let me guess, the first thoughts that come to your mind are “he’s talking about socialism or communism.”
The answer to that is no, I am talking about humanity, pure and simple. Labels such as the usual ‘ism’s’ have gotten us nowhere, they are mere distractions which keep us arguing and fighting over nothing, all the while the real controllers sit back and laugh at us.
I note that increasing numbers of people are beginning to understand how undemocratic their own

systems are and that electing a different party makes no real difference. So what do we do? How do we really effect a change that has long term positive consequences for ourselves and our children?

Rather than make a long list of all the wrongs we see in our world and point fingers at the usual suspects of elite families and the various groups and committees we are all familiar with, I say, “who cares?”
Personally speaking I acknowledge who they are, I understand what they do but I changed my ‘belief’ that we cannot change this scenario.

I hear the chorus again, “But you can’t change anything, these people are too powerful.”

Actually, that is your own ‘belief’, you won’t even allow yourself to contemplate a better system and it is this ‘belief’ which is the cabal’s most potent weapon against us.
They understand completely how conditioned we are through our upbringing within an established system and how we will self-police thoughts that run counter to it, without our ‘beliefs’ the cabal, any cabal, is finished.

“What will it take to wake people up?” This question is quite common in the various ‘awakened’ circles and I add another to that, “What will it take for people to understand we will never have the lives we dream until we change the very systems which created the mess we now find ourselves in?”
What is it holding people back, what is it that compels intelligent people to cling to the ‘chariot of hell’ that is carrying us toward a planned world of total slavery? One word, ‘belief’.

Our beliefs are so much more important than we may realise. Our beliefs determine so much in our lives, who we are, who we want to be, what we can do with our lives, what we can’t do with our lives and most importantly, what is possible.
Beliefs are the starting gate for all we are and do. It all starts with belief. If you won’t even allow yourself to ponder a better way of governance and finance because of a belief, then you are nothing more than a mental slave to the status quo.

Have you ever had that incredible feeling when something that previously seemed impossible actually starts to happen, and not only happen, but succeed? Gandhi’s people certainly did.
In fact the reason many historical events remain historical is because they were previously deemed impossible. So, armed with all the knowledge we have at our fingertips, why can’t we take a chance and change our beliefs, we almost have nothing to lose now anyway.

I say let us analyze the situation, weigh up all the knowledge and information we have, take a long hard look at where we are heading in this new world. Look at our leadership (in all nations) and how they have sold us out (that list alone would fill a book), look at the fact we are still killing and maiming millions of people each year for nothing, look at our future, our children’s future and project where we will be and how our quality of life will be. Look at how the central bankers have leeched our prosperity and how they ruthlessly destroy a proud nation such as Greece.
This is the future, we are living a real life ‘trailer’ of what is to come except this particular trailer isn’t showing the ‘best clips’ just yet.
Is this what you still ‘believe’ in? Because it is only your belief which allows it to continue.

Still not convinced in the power of belief? How many real life stories do you see such as where the people of a town defeat a big corporation from destroying part of it in search of profit. Or a sports team or athlete overcoming seemingly impossible odds to win a game. The driving energy behind all of these cases is belief.

About two years ago I began researching the root causes of what the real problems are in our financial, political and economic systems. This was in response to reading many comments on related articles, comments such as “But what can we do, there’s nothing we can do?”

I also wanted to know why a country such as Canada, where I live, that could be self-sufficient and has many exportable resources, is over $600 billion in debt to foreign bankers. I wanted to understand how things work and why we are becoming poorer, why are all western nations becoming poorer and why debilitating programmes such as austerity are being foisted on the people of wealthy nations such as the UK.

The end result of my research was a free e-book called The Organic Economy which I made available on a basic blog in March of 2014. This e-book explains the root causes of the problems we live with daily and how unnecessary they are. The e-book also offers solutions that would allow us to take back our lives, our futures, our nations and most importantly, inhibit the cabal, the banksters, the elites from ever controlling us again.

The one thing which became apparent to me through this research is we will never really change things for the betterment of the people from within the same systems we have today. They are so corrupt, so twisted, so harmful to us that a new word needs to be invented to describe it all.
No, the present systems have proven to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, that they have ran their course, they were flawed along (although it was a noble effort) and it is time for not just a change in the systems but a major rethink of how we want our lives to be, what truly makes us happy, should we turn our focus toward our communities, to helping one another instead of the greed and materialism which led us to where we are today?

The Organic Economy shares new ideas about such a system and how it could fundamentally change and reshape our lives and outlook. But as always, no matter how good such a system may be, entrenched ‘beliefs’ will try and stop it dead in its tracks.
If it isn’t the first line of defence “Impossible, it can’t happen.”
Then it’s the next line of defence which is to attack it, call it names such as socialism or communism or whatever it takes to self-convince you are correct in rejecting it. Again, all down to entrenched beliefs rather than logical analysis and historical precedents.

What is heartening though are the changes I have noticed since the e-book was made available last year. The changes I share where looked upon as crazy and impossible by some at the time, mainly because the ideas hadn’t been thought through by them.
18 months later I often see or read about the wrongs of usury (interest) and that nations should issue their own currency debt free.
Just recently Jeremy Corbyn, a leadership candidate for the UK Labour Party talked of direct democracy, one of the main points of The Organic Economy e-book.

Obviously this is not because of the e-book, but I certainly had the ‘belief’ that such ideas would percolate and be embraced because they are the only way to enable the people to control their own destinies and not be enslaved by banksters, corporations or tyrannies.

So, thanks to the words of just one man, Jeremy Corbyn, the seeds of the idea of direct democracy have now been planted in millions of minds and over time many ‘beliefs’ will change as a result. (I salute the man but not his politics as I am apolitical, as is the basis of an organic economy).

Everything we do starts with a thought, a dream or an idea. Our beliefs filter our perceptions so our beliefs are the gatekeepers of that which we deem possible, if our beliefs tell us an idea is a ‘no-go’ then it is dismissed without further thought. We will also always do what is necessary to reinforce that belief, it is how our minds work.

My own belief is the present systems must go and we need to evolve, evolve our beliefs, evolve our ways of thinking. I also felt that such a change would only ever happen after a massive collapse whether that be from a dollar collapse and financial depression, WW3, a solar flare or pandemic. But I now believe the collective consciousness is beginning to swell and armed with new ideas it may just happen without a collapse! Yes I agree, that is a huge leap of faith but I may as well use one of my old sayings “If you don’t dream it, it won’t happen.”

In summation, all ideas begin in the mind and are ‘vetted’ by our beliefs. Many of our beliefs are entrenched since childhood and cling desperately to the established state despite its flaws. Until we change certain beliefs in what is and isn’t plausible we are mental slaves to the flawed system and will never be free.

Changing your beliefs is the first and most important step in changing your life for it will allow you to unlock your mind and open the gateway to freedom.

John Reid



 Article #3

National Banks and The End of Usury

When I began my research into the many financial and economic issues most of us face today, I, like most, had no idea what the root causes are. I’m talking about the kind of things we all seem to talk about. The things we complain about to each other but grudgingly accept as just the way things are.
We seem to get a sense of, “Well we’re all in the same boat so quit complaining and get on with it, no one listens anyway.”
Our list of gripes most often have that one common thread running through them, money, or the lack of money.
Money, the five letter word that represents so much in our lives. With money on our side so many of our problems vanish, without it we are eventually destitute.

Is money inherently a bad thing? No, not when it is used as originally intended, a ‘fair exchange of energy’. Bartering may work well in smaller communities, but offering the city bus driver a bag of apples as your fare for the ride to work isn’t exactly practical.

Money is a perfect system of exchange, nothing wrong with money. The real problem with our money is rooted in who or what controls it and the system of how it is issued. The system being that of ‘usury’ or interest charged on loans which then categorizes money as a ‘commodity’ and it is no longer a simple and very effective method of a ‘fair exchange of energy’ and that ladies and gentlemen is the root cause of our financial woes today!
The monetization of money, allowing money to become a commodity itself which completely corrupts the original intent of use as a fair exchange of energy only.

Now you’re probably thinking, “It’s just the way things are, we’ve always paid interest on loans, you can’t expect the banks to just give it away for free, how would they stay in business and who would lend us the loans we need?”

Great points and my reply is “Just because that’s the way a very small group of people or families, over time, have by one method or another, gradually suckered in country after country to accept this system, does not make it right and does not mean we have to suffer it!”

Money Should Never Be Monetized

Money should never be monetized. We in the industrialised world, with large concentrations of people simply cannot exist without money. Even those unfortunate enough to be homeless and penniless still require charitable help which all exist on money. Without money we basically cease to exist because the entire system, our entire being relies upon money.

Monetizing money isn’t much different from monetizing the air we breathe, now how ridiculous does that sound? However, this is how we are living, paying for something that should not be a commodity or ‘money maker’ for someone else.
‘Interest’ is the cost we unnecessarily pay to have access to that which is vital for our survival and when interest compounds as it does, we may find ourselves in great financial difficulty.

Unfortunately this also applies at the national level as almost every nation in the world has been convinced over time to unnecessarily borrow its money from private central banks.
Now why would any wealthy nation borrow from foreign private bankers when they could issue their own money to the people via a national bank? Why would your own political representatives allow you to become indebted to foreign bankers, in effect reducing us to economic slaves to them?

The answer to that would take another article but let me just say that we are dealing with highly sophisticated, multi-generational families who, over time, have slithered their way into being accepted as the world’s money suppliers.

Who on earth gave these people that right? How have these people positioned themselves to ‘tax’ something almost as vital as the air we breathe with a monstrosity called ‘interest’? Let’s just say the scheme is absolutely brilliant because once you have such control you basically own the nations and the people you lend to.
Why isn’t this talked about more often when we hear how much our nations owe, how much debt our nations are in and how we have to suffer cutbacks to enable the debt to be paid.
How even the unborn will be born into and saddled with these debts, something which is immoral and unconscionable, mortgaging our future to the unborn taxpayer.

Why aren’t these things being discussed and why is it all accepted as ‘just the way things are’? Because the entire system of economics has been based on this flawed system and all the so-called economic experts are themselves a product of this system.

I could go much deeper into the multitude of convoluted explanations economists will offer as reasons for this diabolical system but we can keep this simple and understandable for the purpose of this article, which is to try and explain in simple terms why this system is the monkey on our backs, what life will be like without it and how we can change it.

                                                                            The Folly of Infinite Growth

Let’s take a look at the present system and how it is inherently flawed. The very first thing which tells us the system is flawed is that it is based on infinite growth or infinite inflation, which is obviously impossible. It is in essence a long drawn out pyramid or ponzi scheme.

Why is it based upon infinite growth, infinite inflation? Because when a bank loans money, it only lends the principle. If you take out a $1,000 loan at 5% interest, where will you find the interest to pay back, the bank never loaned out that part of the payment so where will it come from? It comes from the economy, it comes from other loans which others have spent into the economy.

So to be able to pay back interest on loans we must have an ever increasing number of loans taken out, which means we must always have an expanding economy, we must have infinite growth, infinite inflation, which of course is impossible.

Why are we told how the economy is growing or shrinking every business day, why is it so important that the economy grows, why can’t it just remain static without the dreaded ‘R’ word, the much feared word ‘recession’ being pushed down our throats by the media?
Because it’s the way this system is set up and the same vipers that profit from this system, can, at will, create the very problems of growth/recession or boom/bust to maximise their profits, control and ownership of forfeited properties.

Recession is usually defined as three consecutive quarters of negative growth, so what! Why should we fear that? Oh yes, no interest being borrowed into the system for others to pay their own loans back, which means defaults, bankruptcies, factories closing under debt, job losses, lack of spending creating more job losses. All this because the system is based on usury or interest.
This reduces the taxes for the nation’s expenses and it becomes harder to pay the interest for the national debt and what do the vipers do? Downgrade the nation’s credit rating and jack up the interest rate, great, just what we all needed, long term banking customer kicked in the teeth when times are hard, and likely caused by the same bankers too. Likely because they have such power.

Andrew Jackson the last American President to beat off the bankers, had to deal with banker Nicholas Biddle who in 1832 threatened to cause a depression if the bank was not re-chartered. Biddle went on to say;
“Nothing but widespread suffering will produce any effect on Congress… Our only safety is in pursuing a steady course of firm restriction – and I have no doubt that such a course will ultimately lead to restoration of the currency and the re-charter of the bank.”

Biddle called in existing loans and refused to issue new loans causing a massive depression, but in 1836 the bank lost its charter. Andrew Jackson said;

“If the American people only understood the rank injustice of our money and banking system – there would be a revolution before morning…”

Yes, this is the system folks, the system we have just accepted as the way things are and I believe the reason we have put up with it for so long is because we have been kept in the dark and our so-called elected representatives, of all colours and stripes, have over time collectively let us down, sold us down the river for a few pieces of silver.

Well, it doesn’t matter why or who or how any more, it’s simply time to put an end to it and enjoy the prosperity we ourselves create, for that is the only true prosperity there is, that which we the people create through our labours and endeavours.

It is that very same prosperity with which we pay the bankers with, so why don’t we pay it to ourselves, to our own national bank? We can, it’s just that we have been scammed all this time to borrow from these cunning foxes instead.
There are hundreds of articles and video’s online explaining about how this all works so please research this for yourself.

                                                                                The Scourge of Usury

Let me give you a quick example of what borrowing unnecessarily from central bankers can do to a nation and her people.

Canada has a national bank dating from 1938 which allocated loans to the nation for infrastructure projects which created jobs and assisted the nation with transportation projects such as roads, the St. Lawrence Seaway, subways and airports. The loans were almost interest free and Canada had no real foreign debts to worry about.

Moving on to 1974 and the Bank of Canada began illegally borrowing from central banks, of course with interest payments. This also, and quite conveniently, gave the Prime Minister at the time, Mr. Trudeau a seat at the G7 table, he could now play in the sandbox with the big boys, whoopee for Canadians and the most expensive seat Canadians have ever paid for and continue to pay for.
From 1974 to today, the interest and service costs to Canadians for borrowing from the central banks has exceeded one trillion dollars! That’s one trillion dollars Canadians gave to foreign bankers for literally nothing.

Nothing because they never actually gave Canada that money, it is merely numbers on computer screens and enabled by another monstrosity called ‘fractional reserve lending’. The system which allows a bank to ‘lend’ money that does not even exist.
Banks only need to have 10% of the money on hand which they claim to lend you, the rest is hot air and you, me and our nation’s pay real earned money for this ‘hot air’, as I said earlier. It’s all a brilliant scam but a scam which affects all of our lives and costs us dearly.

Canadians have been handing over tens of billions of dollars each year in unnecessary interest payments when that same money could and should have been used for Canadian services such as health and education.

The kicker is that Canadians, courtesy of their own national bank’s failure and flawed political leadership, still owes over $600 billion to the foreign bankers which sucks over $30 billion each year of taxpayer money in service fees and interest payments.
Now do you see how diabolical this system is?

The good news is the Bank of Canada was successfully sued this year (2015) by a true Canadian hero called Rocco Galati, a lawyer who cares about Canada and offered his services for free!
This case will likely drag on for years but Mr. Galati proved the Bank of Canada acted out of its jurisdiction by borrowing from foreign bankers and indebting Canadians, a monumental step in the right direction.

Just look at Greece and other nations which fell into the usury trap and before you go blaming the Greek people for their own downfall, please educate yourself about how easy it is for these vipers to set a nation up for a fall for they control everything via a computer keyboard, extremely complex but that’s how it’s done.
When we allow these people to control our money we are giving up far more than we realise.

                                                          The Bankers Take a Piece of Almost Everything

Keep in mind that almost everything you buy has some form of ‘interest’ included in the cost so these leeches are pocketing a piece of your genuinely earned prosperity almost every time you make a purchase.
That is THE PROBLEM folks, our prosperity is being sucked out of us because our money is monetized.

It does not matter if you think the system is just what it is and that’s how it will stay, it is wrong and we are being duped to the point of poverty because of it.
This system will either implode or the next biggest scam will be upon us, a cash free society. Having a cash free society would give the central bankers absolute carte blanche to be the gods they already believe they are.
There would be no reference to the value of money other than that which the bankers say it is, the world would truly be ran by the bankers such would be the power a cashless society would gift them.

                                                                                     National Banks

So what is the alternative? The alternative is for each nation to set up its own national bank and issue currency to the nation. A currency which is linked to something of sustainable value such as gold.

The first thing the present day economists will say is this will create runaway inflation, that’s because this is what they were taught to think and is complete nonsense. With technology today a nation can monitor inflation and control the money supply.

The first thing which will become apparent is how the national debt can be settled much more rapidly due to the fact there would be no further borrowing from the foreign banks.
If I had my way I would refuse to pay such illusory debt in full anyway because it would be easy to prove that that money was never loaned at all, therefore we should only repay that portion which was loaned, ridding the nation of the ‘debt’ much quicker.

                                                                                  The End of Usury

As was stated earlier, the present usury or interest based financial system is based upon infinite growth which means infinite inflation. This as we know means the cost of everything keeps rising due to that inflation.
We wonder today how our children will ever be able to afford their own house and that is because of the present system.

Now imagine when we change this system so that money represents that which it should only represent, a fair exchange of energy. No one to monetize it, no one to commodify it, no one to monopolize it, how would that change your life?

Firstly, the nation would only require one non-profit bank, possibly represented by regional banks pertaining to provinces, states or counties. This is because without the right to earn interest (for almost nothing) the banks we use today would likely become obsolete or adapt to becoming investment brokers.
This would also save the people money because the banks would not be gouging us for the billions in profit they make from us. More money in our pockets, more spent into the economy.

Secondly, you would only ever owe the actual amount of the loan you borrowed as there would not be any interest to pay, this means lower payments and the ability to pay off the loan much quicker.
What happens when people have more disposable income? They spend more into the economy which increases demand for products which increases employment.

Thirdly, without the requirement to pay foreign bankers billions of dollars each year in interest, that money stays in the country and helps pay for our services.

When you combine a new system of interest free, nationally issued finance with full employment (due to increased demand) and the end of huge interest payments to foreign banks, with increased tax revenues, you will without doubt eventually reach an equilibrium, a balance of personal and national prosperity which inevitably would see taxes gradually lowered (further increasing disposable income) and services increased.
Services such as post-secondary education becoming as they should be, completely free.

                                                    The Return of Manufacturing and Full Employment

It should also be noted that to attain such equilibrium we would bring back manufacturing from overseas to provide employment which actually enables a family to live on one salary. Something which is completely achievable and organic.

Our present system of cheap goods produced overseas is a farce when our children cannot find employment. It is a false economy not an organic economy.

We must bring back home based manufacturing which, though seemingly more costly, would be far more affordable in a system without usury, a real organic system of economics in equilibrium, affordable, livable, comfortable, and because of one major change, the end of usury, period!

Such a system would benefit everyone, everyone except those who monetized money and profited from that system. The vast amounts of wealth which are now being hoarded by the few would be in circulation for all to benefit from.

You can line up all the faux economic arguments against such a new system that you wish, but nothing, absolutely nothing I have shared could possibly be any worse than the present system of legal theft and economic slavery we are burdened with today.

                                                                         Has This Been Tried Before?

History tells us that Abraham Lincoln, who understood what becoming indebted to foreign bankers would mean, on the advice of Colonel Dick Taylor, printed $450 million worth of the ‘greenback’ to fund his war efforts.
The ‘greenbacks’ were treasury issued notes and were very successful. In fact successful enough to deeply concern banker controlled nations as the following piece from The London Times in 1865 confirms;

“If this mischievous financial policy, which has its origin in North America, shall become endurated down to a fixture, then that Government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off debts and be without debt. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce. It will become prosperous without precedent in the history of the world. The brains, and wealth of all countries will go to North America. That country must be destroyed or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe.”

In 1914, to avert a run on the banks, Great Britain issued The Bradbury Pound. The Bradbury Pound signed by John Bradbury was issued debt free to the banks and was very successful, however, the bankers soon put an end to it and Great Britain went back to the economic slavery system of usury, and, like every nation chained to this system, is in massive debt to the bankers.
There are today many in Great Britain who are actively campaigning to bring back the Bradbury Pound.

                                                                         The Present System is Insane

When you consider that the total debts ‘owed’ to the central bankers are so astronomical, so ridiculously enormous that there would never be enough money available to ever pay it, you begin to see the system for what it is, insane.
Yet we are all paying into it every day, lining the pockets of a minute section of the population. This is what happens in a system which ‘taxes’ our money with interest instead of allowing money to be a fair exchange of energy.

The insanity is that the ‘debts’ not only consist of the monstrosity of interest, but compounded interest! It sounds like a sick joke doesn’t it? You will pay us interest on something we never even gave you and if you default then that interest will keep compounding, keep ballooning and if you fail to pay that we take your assets.

Greece has just lost control of 14 of its airports to Germany because of this system and is being stripped of national assets. The bankers are destroying Greece and the Greek people with a death of a thousand cuts and there is no need for any of it, it is all down to power, control and greed and enabled by usury.

                                                            How Can We Change The Financial System?

At present almost every nation in the industrialised world has been suckered into this very same system.
The power of the bankers cannot be underestimated and many know what will happen to any political leader who attempts to pull out of it. Many will say the real reason Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi was taken out was his plan to sell oil in Dinars instead of dollars.
The message is clear, do not mess with the bankers!

However, what I am about to say ties in with other important aspects of the way our nations are run and will also counter the corruption we know infests our political systems.

It is time for us to evolve, time for us to stop allowing the outright corruption which plagues our countries, all of them. It is time we began taking more responsibility in our lives and having more say in what happens to us.

                                                                                 Direct Democracy

The change will take time but it is something which we can all talk about and share, something with which we can implore our representatives to implement, something which gives we the people a say on anything major which affects our lives, I am talking about ‘direct democracy’.

We can begin this at a grass roots level, it is easy to understand and highly effective. With direct democracy (DD) we can vote on how our money is issued and vote to ban usury. No need for political leaders to fear anything for we the people would make the final decisions.

For more information about DD please research online or read my article, “An Introduction To True Direct Democracy“.

DD is nothing new, in fact Switzerland has used such a system for 700 years and the Swiss have recently petitioned for a referendum on how their money is allocated so there you are, DD works and can work for all major decisions which affect us in our various nations.

DD is our key to true freedom and democracy, freedom from the atrocious system of foreign borrowing and usury which shackles us and our children forever.

Freedom to vote and choose on all major decisions whether local, regional or national.
Freedom to collectively choose how our ways of life should proceed and progress, not being at the mercy of a small group of corrupt so-called representatives who only cater to the corporations and military industrial complexes.

Free to decide if we want our food to be whole and not genetically modified, free to vote on whether we send our children to die in unnecessary wars and so much more.

Yes this will take time to become a normal and accepted part of our lives but look at the present alternatives, something has to change, we have to change and it isn’t as impossible as we may first think.

DD is our key to freedom, it is the only way for us to get the monkey off our backs, to uncouple from the central banker gravy train, to finally enjoy the prosperity we earn.

I can only ask that you research DD and talk about it with friends and family. This really is something we can all help to get going, it is a simple concept and can be implemented using today’s technology, by voting online via cell phones or computers.
In effect this would be DDD (digital direct democracy).
DD is the answer we have been looking for, the way to end the colossal frustrations most of us have with our present political, financial and economic systems. Once we have the rightful say in things we can make the necessary changes, whatever they may be.

John Reid