What is This Website About ? The origins of this website began with my journey several years ago to answer some nagging questions I have had for many years. My journey unearthed many surprises and it became apparent the world does not work as we think it does. Even though I am not a trained expert in finance, politics or economics, I could see that the problems we face are institutional, the 'system' or systems favour a privileged few and always have. The world is now at a point whereby the central bankers, corporations and elite families control almost every aspect of our lives. The problem as we can clearly see today is that this situation has destroyed whatever little democracy we have had. Our rights and freedoms are diminishing daily under the guise of the convenient 'war on terror', a war which also conveniently can continue in perpetuity. As well as traitorous trade agreements such as the TTP and TTIP which enables corporations, even foreign corporations, to evade every law we have and enable them to reap profits at the expense of our environment and the people. However, my message is not one of doom and gloom, the mainstream media provide us with enough of that each day. My message is a positive one as my research has opened an avenue of potential which, if understood by enough people, would change our lives in such a way as to enable us to enjoy true democracy, true freedom, and a fair and just society that enjoys the prosperity it creates. I understand completely that the mere thought of changing the only systems we know can be daunting. Even the flawed systems we were raised within in most western nations give us a certain 'comfort zone' which, understandably, we do not really want turned upside down. The problem as we can now see is that comfort zone is becoming increasingly more difficult to defend and many people will rather bury their heads in the sand than accept the inevitable fact, the fact that our way of life is over. We can defend the systems all we like but unless you are one of the 0.1% or are in a position of privilege, the life our parents knew, the life we have expected, has evaporated. Yes, I said my message is not a negative one but to help grasp the idea that we now need a new way, I feel I must underline the facts that we need to understand, this in turn shines the spotlight on the fact we need to implement a new way forward for ourselves and our nations. The reality is we can have the world we desire, we really can, but it will take changes to achieve, beginning with changes within for we must first grasp the fact our systems are broken, corrupt and rotten to the core and more importantly, they are inherently flawed and will never serve us as they should. The changes I talk about are not actually massive changes to our lives on a personal level, our lives would carry on much as they do today except we would enjoy less financial and personal stress, have more disposable income, lower taxes, free college and university tuition, full employment and less working hours. The way it should be, the way it could be. How could this be? This sounds impossible! Well, once you understand how we have been brainwashed and suckered by those who really control the reigns of power, you will also understand that there is 'enough for everyone', that debilitating programmes such as austerity in wealthy nations such as the UK is ludicrous. It is all part of a very, very clever system of finance engineered a long time ago by a small group of people that take a piece of almost everything we buy. Nice work if you can get it! But surely our elected representatives know this, why don't they do something about it? No, actually they do not. The biggest issue we face today is our global financial system and how it has, over the years, convinced, hoodwinked, bribed, blackmailed and gradually 'reeled in' almost every nation on Earth to borrow, completely unnecessarily, from the central banking families. Those we elect and pay handsomely for are basically useless and obsolete today. Not only are they oblivious to the biggest issue we face, they sell us out daily to corporate and banking interests which have a far greater effect on our laws and rights than we, the electorate do. In short, those who are supposed to represent us are the weak link in today's global economy. They cannot, even if they wanted to, stand up against the incredible power of today's corporations and bankers, the system must change or we and our children face a bleak future. A new system isn't only preferable but imperative for our survival. The challenge with buying into a new system is that our minds are so brainwashed since childhood to reject anything other than the present system, the 'establishment'. We naturally repel any thoughts of serious changes because we feel threatened by them. We have since childhood been told what to do by our parents, then our teachers, then our employers, all the while existing within the 'womb' of the state. We become so attached to the 'state' that we choose to ignore its failings in fear that no other system could ever be better. When we think of other systems it is always one of the 'ism's', socialism, capitalism, communism, fascism etc. The Organic Economy is free of any political ideology, it is based on humanity. This is what this website is all about, new ideas for a new system which is just, prosperous, fair and truly democratic. A system which would prove beyond any doubt that the present paradigm we have been brainwashed with since early childhood, is flawed, and only serves a privileged few at the great expense of the many. A system I call The Organic Economy.

The organic economy

Toward the end of 2013, after years of watching videos and reading articles on everything from how money is created and distributed, to how the political system is now merely a servant to the corporations and bankers. I decided to research what the root causes of our issues today are. Initially this seemed a daunting task for someone un-trained in finance and economics but it became apparent very quickly where the root causes lie.
I then put my mind toward solutions to the problems, solutions that had to ensure the same people who created the problems could never do so again. When I had figured out the solutions I felt compelled to write everything down and share the information with as many people as possible.
This resulted in the free e-book called The Organic Economy, the final step in the evolution of democracy, which I made available on a very basic blog. I would then post the link in reply to readers comments on relative articles, video's and facebook posts. Usually readers who would ask "But what can we do, there's nothing we can do to stop these people?".

 What is an organic economy?

An 'organic' type economy is based on an authentic system of finance and economics. A system whereby the central bankers are prohibited from leeching a nation's prosperity through immoral practices such as usury (interest) and fractional reserve lending which will inevitably result in a nation's destruction through crushing debt. A financial system based on infinite growth will eventually implode which is what we are seeing today with such 'creative' throes of desperation as quantitative easing, invented to 'paper over the cracks' of a flawed financial system.
The Organic Economy is a system which is based on an authentic economy, a system whereby money is no longer used as as a commodity but as a valuable exchange of energy. A system that no longer allows a handful of politicians to sell out the people, to repeatedly break promises and lie to us. A system which is fully controlled by the people for the first time in the western world.
Once we grasp that the root causes of our issues today are our established systems themselves and need to be overhauled, then we also realise that we must have something with which to replace them. In truth it isn't the entire systems of government or banking that need to be replaced. The infrastructure is still required but it's 'who' actually controls it all that must change. The fact that a very small percentage of the population can abuse our present systems for their massive gains at our expense should tell us all we need to know that this not only must stop, but more importantly, must never be able to happen again. This should be the underlying criteria for a new system and no amount of tinkering with the present system will ever address this.
Firstly, the people have to be able to see what is really going on. This is difficult for the average person with a busy life, family to feed, bills to pay, little spare time and usually relying on the mainstream media for news, which unfortunately is owned by the same small group who benefit from the system in its present state. I understand that, I was that person until a few short years ago but I now know better and want to help improve the lives of the very people who through their labours and endeavours, provide the very wealth which enriches and empowers our controllers. When you understand that there IS enough for everyone, that austerity in wealthy nations is ludicrous, then you feel compelled to share this information with everyone.
I made The Organic Economy e-book available as a free downloadable PDF in March of 2014. In May of 2014 I was contacted by a Professor from the University of North Western Switzerland who not only found value in the ideas but made the e-book available on the university intranet. Professor Sarah Main Ellis also urged me to write a book on how such ideas could be implemented and how it would all work out. Initially I didn't think I could do justice to such an idea but further prompting from a friend convinced me to make an attempt. I realised such a book needed to reach as many people as possible, to plant the seeds of new ideas far and wide, to open minds and get people thinking and talking of potential new ways to live, to 'believe' there finally is a way that could enable us to live the lives we dream and desire.
With those thoughts in mind I decided to write a novel. A novel because a novel can reach the masses as well as those who are 'awake' and understand our precarious situation today.
The novel has three main purposes;
1. Provide value for money entertainment.
2. Provoking thought and planting the seeds of new ideas to those not yet 'awake'.
3. Provide solid solutions for those who are 'awake' and understand what is really going on but are unsure of what we can do.

So, there was I, armed with ideas and solutions to our rapidly declining way of life, now how to provide an example of how a new system could be implemented and what it does to the people, how do they react to a new freedom, does life improve, do we adopt a less greed fuelled existence?
In answer to that I wrote the novel As Dawn Approaches, an example of a nation under tyranny that tries to fight back. A nation that was already somewhat familiar with the ideas of an organic type economy.

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As dawn approaches

As Dawn Approaches is set in the near future and follows the lives of people we can relate to. Most of the western world is under martial law and full tyranny, the invisible cabal of 'elites' have almost full control and the one world order is almost a horrible reality. One nation, the last to fall under martial law understands this and a 'movement' has quietly formed. A brave movement of patriots who will give their lives to save freedom.
Can they succeed, can they do the impossible and free their nation from a global enemy never before imagined?
As Dawn Approaches, the answer will unfold.

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